Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included in an office visit.

A: Our office is currently located at348 A Lawson Mill Road, Kingston, TN 37763.  If your visit is at the physical location then you would call for an appointment and we would meet in person.  At the first visit, our staff will get your vitals and start an electronic medical record for you.  We will ask questions about your medical history and establish a list of medical issues or diagnoses.  If you have one specific complaint we will address that issue and make plans to meet again to work on other issues.  The visit would be similar to an ordinary physician office visit except we would take about an hour to get to know each other and determine our plan of care.  A follow-up visit would be planned so that we could work on specific problems.  Usually, personal visits would be required if we needed to do a hands-on physical exam or do some OMT.  (Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy).  Most teaching or educational visits can be done “online” in the comfort of your own home or office.  If your first visit was an online visit then it would be very similar except you would be taking your own vitals with a simple blood pressure machine, home scales and a thermometer.  The same information would be obtained and we would start an electronic medical record for you.  The only difference is that the exam would be via high definition video through a secure server.

What’s included in a House Call?

A:  A house call is where I would come to your home or office for a physical exam.  We can do anything at your home that we would do in an office.  We have all the tools we need to perform vitals, procedures like OMT and minor surgeries. We can do complete physical exams, male or female in the comfort of your own home.  A membership of Essential or Executive would be required to qualify for a home visit.  Most primary care issues can be discussed and treated using our online secure video server, but sometimes I have to be able to see a little closer or put my hands on a patient to properly diagnose and develop a treatment plan.

Does my plan include prescriptions?

A:  All plans would include either a handwritten prescription, a prescription called into a pharmacy or an electronically prescribed medication through the EMR,  (electronic medical record system) if a prescription was indicated for that visit.  A fee is charged for each prescription to cover the cost of making that transaction.  With all memberships, maintenance medications can be refilled electronically with a one-time fee but refills can be included with no extra charge.

Does my plan include lab fees?

A:  If any labs are needed to diagnose or treat an issue then we will give a lab request form.  This form can be taken to the “Any Lab Tests” office in Turkey Creek for anyone who needs to pay cash for blood work or urine tests.  We have set up discounted cash pricing with them.  The cost of the tests are not included in the membership fee.  For anyone who lives too far away from our physical practice then a lab request form will be mailed to them or we can fax the request directly to a lab of your choice. Other Labs in the area would be LabCorp and Quest Diagnostics.

How do I set up an appointment?

A: You can call 865-202-7917 and speak to a member of our staff to set up an appointment or you can email us at and request an appointment.  Visits are during office hours 7:30am and 5:00pm,  Monday through Friday.   Our menu includes fees for visits after hours and on weekends.  Executive membership plan patients have access by phone 24/7 and online and house call visits are from7:30am to 10:00pm seven days a week.

How is the membership fee charged?

A:  All plans can be paid for with cash, credit, or pre-approved checks with a three-month minimum.  A 10% discount is given for yearly memberships paid in advance.  A 5% discount is given for auto debit from your banking institution.  Payments can be made in person, online with credit card information or through our website using paypal.

Are there family plans available?

A: A family of five using the Essential membership plan would cost $300.00 per month.  Although this is not an insurance plan it is still less expensive and more convenient than most health plans.  Most families who are living a preventive health lifestyle will require few hands on visits. For families with greater than five immediate family members, with or without insurance, we will offer a fifty percent discount on the additional family members.

I’m diabetic, what plan is best for me?

A: The best plan for someone who is diabetic would depend on how controlled their blood glucose levels are!  Anyone who would need to have a hands on physical exam and are unable to travel to the office would need to have at least an Essential membership plan.  Most educational visits and review of fasting labs could be done via internet and would only require an Essential membership plan.

What’s included in a full physical?

A: A full physical includes a head to toe skin exam for suspicious skin lesions including between the toes, An otoscopic exam of Eyes, Ears, Nose and Throat.  A thorough exam of the heart, lungs and abdomen using a stethoscope.  A musculo-skeletal exam on an OMT table, to check for muscle tone, strength and range of motion in all joints.  For men it includes an inspection of male organs including hernia, testicles and prostate exam.  For females it includes a breast exam, female organs including a speculum exam and collection for PAP test.  Both exams include a digital rectal exam and hemocult test for blood in the stool.  Executive membership plan includes an EKG and urinalysis, a Complete Blood Count, a Comprehensive Metabolic Panel, a Thyroid Stimulating Hormone level and fasting lipids once a year.

Does my health insurance cover these services?

A: We do not accept insurance for payment of our services.  Membership fees are probably not covered under any insurance plan.  You may however submit our bill to your insurance carrier to see if they will reimburse you for services rendered.  Our practice does not bill according to ICD-9 or ICD-10 codes, nor do we use level of visit, or E&M codes, so it is difficult to say whether reimbursement is possible.  When they find out that our patients are healthier and utilize hospital services much less than conventional practices then maybe they will change their minds in the future.  We can only hope.

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